I get asked this question a lot. Where did the name Exit come from? Well...there's a couple of reasons. First, you see Exit signs everywhere you go. They're above every corporate doorway. It is the gateway from conventional real estate. You know, those places where agents and brokers were in direct competition with each other instead of learning from each other. I don't know about you, but when I go into my office I don't want to feel inferior. I want to feel FIRED UP and ready to learn more every day about how to help my clients and be better at what I do. I want to be able to share my successes and failures in a welcoming environment that offers family-style support to help me grow and be a better Realtor. 

I've said before that I have been in the real estate industry for close to ten years. I've been in quite a few brokerages and offices that each had a different atmosphere. There were the offices that had great catered only to the top of the top producers, offices where other agents deliberately fed you false information and tried to climb your back to the top of the company, offices where I never even met the broker (in 2 years!), offices where there was zero helpful training to help me grow only pricey seminars that tried to sell me more seminars. None of this is helping our industry and making us better Realtors-- and these are from some of the most highly recognized real estate franchises in America! 

And then I found Exit Realty. It was a swift "Exit" from one of those other companies to a place where I learned the most about my industry from top real estate coaches (that actually had real estate experience) and agents who want to help you not inhibit you. We have a great networking ability and frequently travel between Exit offices and share information.


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Besides the caring environment Exit Realty has Sponsoring. For every agent you invite to Exit Realty, you receive a portion of their commission and it DOESN'T come from their bottom line. All agents start at a minimum of 70/30% commission split with the broker and once you earn $100,000 in gross commission you are automatically "capped out" to a 90/10% split for the rest of the year! No more paying for desk fees, monthly transaction fees, office fees, and operating on a starting 50/50% commission split like at other companies. What I used to see as normal I now get appalled at when I see how much real estate agents are stuck paying in small fees in excess of all the licensing and professional fees vs. how much they receive from their brokerage (and for the average consumer, the percentage we receive from each sale does not all go to us. There is a lot of overhead to keep a real estate license, but if you do it right it's all worth it). 

Exit Elite Realty Broker Koy Banks congratulated me on my first solo Commission Check!
Exit Elite Reallty Broker, Koy Banks and I with my first solo commission check!

When I came to Exit Elite Realty I experienced this amazing mentoring environment that made me want to stay. I see my broker, Koy Banks at a minimum 1-2 times a week and he is always available if I need help. Our Operations Director hosts weekly pep talks to make sure you are on track to hit your goals for the week. I am regularly provided training to better myself personally and professionally and to stay on top of all the new laws and regulations in the Real Estate industry. I also have George Bryant and the entire Bryant Team who support me and coach me to be the best possible Realtor I can be. We focus on the clients, not the sales goals. I've become one of the top producing agents in my office, specializing in home sales in Lanham MD.  

So what is holding you back in your career? Could you benefit from an engaging environment that helps you to get outside of your comfort zone and achieve the lifestyle you've always dreamed of? Becoming a Exit Realtor could be for you. Give me a call today, let's chat Real Estate!


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