Effective tomorrow, October 1st 2016 there are a couple of new changes to the way real estate agency works in Maryland that I believe will make everyone's lives easier and less confusing! Before, there were about 5 types of ways Realtors could represent clients: Seller's Agent, Cooperating Agent, Sub Agent, Presumed Buyer's Agent, and Buyer's Agent (with written agreement). Sounds confusing right? It was! Plus we had a form that must be presented at the first face-to-face meeting with a prospective client. You don't want a big scary looking form pushed in your face the first time you meet with an agent (even though it created no relationship). 

Changes to MAR Agency 2016 - How it affects YOUThe Maryland Association of Realtors heard our plea and consolidated these types of agency (the roles we fill when we represent clients) into pretty much two easy forms: either we work for the seller as the Seller's Agent (also called the Listing Agent) or we work for the buyer as a Buyer's Agent (with a written agreement called a Buyer's Agency Agreement).

This doesn't affect sellers so much as it does buyers but this change is VERY important. If you are a home buyer and do not have a written agreement with a Buyer's Agent, you have no one representing your interests. If that Buyer's Agent does not work for you, they are working for the seller. Not what you want when you find your next home and want to negotiate! 

So what are the benefits of hiring a Realtor to work for you? Request my free handout below, it could help you make a decision that saves you thousands of $$. 


Why should I even hire someone to represent me?

Hiring a qualified Realtor to represent your interests is one of the first steps you should undertake in your efforts to sell or buy a home. The right person will guide you through the process to make it the least overwhelming and stressful as possible. It's a wild market out there, and you want someone on your side.

As a home seller, you want someone who will effectively market and negotiate on your home. You don’t want to hire someone you only see or talk to once, they grab some cell phone photos and pop it up on the MLS and then you’re left wondering where all the offers are! A strong agent knows your market and comparable properties, and will fight to get you top dollar on your home.

As a home buyer, you want to start the process right by choosing an agent who knows the local market and can effectively evaluate what you are looking for and match it to the current available listings. I meet buyers who are frustrated because they don’t know where to begin, but they’ve seen dozens of homes that don’t work with a dozen different agents;effectively starting over each time. And when the time comes, you will want someone who can help you to negotiate the best price for your purchase. The right agent will educate you and help you make the best possible decisions for you and your family.

All of the items on this free PDF download are basic, but very imporant. It’s always a good idea to start from the beginning- and hiring the right Realtor will put you ahead of the game when you’re out in the market!



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