Effective July 29th, Fannie Mae, who owns a vast majority of mortgage loans, is updating their guidelines to allow Self-Employed purchasers to qualify for a mortgage showing only one year of tax returns! If you can show consistent income (after deductions) you may be able to qualify to purchase a home much sooner. That gives you a leg up on the market and can help you get in a home before interest rates climb higher! To get started, give me a call today to discuss your needs. Here are some other important updates included in this release:

  • Increase in debt-to-income ratio to 50% (you can carry a 50% monthly bill burden and still qualify to purchase a home!)
  • It's getting easier to refinance - you may not even need an appraisal
  • Late payments on Timeshares are no longer treated like a mortgage (which was a much bigger negative on your credit report)
  • Student loans can be paid off concurrent with a home purchase with a "cash out"
  • Updates on how credit report disputes are handled, making it easier to settle old debts off credit report.



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